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Clearance Colors Stubby

Clearance Catch: Discontinued Colors
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color: Bass

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Enhance your fishing experience with the Fish Monkey Stubby Glove. Crafted for comfort and a superior second-skin fit, it offers UPF 50+ sun protection and quick-dry breathability. The non-slip silicone palm print ensures a secure grip and added support. Protect your hands and enhance your angling performance.

UPF 50+ sun protection. Short (stubby) cut for increased comfort. Superior construction for second-skin fit. Quick dry breathable fabric for all-day comfort. Use a non-slip silicone palm print for added comfort and support.

  • UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Short (stubby) cut for increased comfort.
  • Superior construction for a second-skin fit. 
  • Quick dry, breathable fabric for all-day comfort.
  • A non-slip silicone palm print is used for added comfort and support.
Benefits: Superior rod and reel grip. Protects hands from line & fish handling cuts. Replaces sunscreen for your hands.   



Elevate your fishing game with the Fish Monkey Stubby Glove, designed to deliver top-notch performance and protection. Crafted for comfort, durability, and functionality, this glove is your ideal fishing companion. Here's what makes it exceptional:

Superior Sun Protection: The Stubby Glove offers UPF 50+ sun protection, shielding your hands from harmful UV rays. Fish all day with peace of mind, knowing your skin is safe.

Optimal Comfort: Our glove features a short (stubby) cut design, providing enhanced comfort and flexibility. Its superior construction ensures a second-skin fit, allowing you to move with ease.

Quick-Dry Fabric: Made from quick-dry, breathable fabric, this glove keeps your hands comfortable and dry throughout your fishing adventures. Say goodbye to sweaty and uncomfortable hands.

Enhanced Grip: The non-slip silicone palm print offers an exceptional grip. Whether you're reeling in a trophy catch or handling slippery fishing lines, this feature ensures you maintain control.

Reduced Hand Fatigue: With added comfort and support, this glove minimizes hand fatigue, enabling you to fish longer and more effectively.

Protective Barrier: The Stubby Glove safeguards your hands from cuts and abrasions associated with handling fish and lines. It's like armor for your hands.

Sunscreen Alternative: Ditch the messy sunscreen. This glove not only provides UV protection but also replaces traditional sunblock for your hands, streamlining your pre-fishing routine.

Designed for Anglers: Fish with confidence, knowing you have superior rod and reel grip. Enjoy uninterrupted angling sessions without worrying about line or fish handling injuries.

Upgrade your fishing gear with the Fish Monkey Stubby Glove. It's the perfect blend of comfort, protection, and performance. Elevate your fishing experience today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lynne S. (South Jordan, UT, US)
Smoking Hot👊

I ordered 2 pair of the gloves and they are spot on.
Love them and will most definitely be trying other gear.

BARRY S. (Plainfield, NJ, US)
Monkey Madness

Only gloves I will only use. I particularly like the stubbies. Own multiple pair.

Michael Z. (Hawley, PA, US)
Review of glove

Awesome glove had used these gloves before. One season of bass fishing tournament style they get a little worn. They then get used in pheasant hunting season going threw the brush,by then time for a new pair.

Rodney A. (Hays, KS, US)

Received my gloves in excellent condition, wasn’t sure I’d like fishing gloves but when I put these on and fished with them they are wonderful, didn’t get in my way at all, fingers are open and still tie on my lures, they are nice and snug and fit perfect by using their hand size chart

Andrew T. (Fort Myers, FL, US)
The best

If you ain’t got a parody gloves, you need to get a pair they hold up very well. They’re very comfortable you don’t even feel like you got them on. They’re easy to put on easy to takeoff. Like I said you need to get a pair.

Terry U. (Carlsbad, CA, US)

They are still in transit. It’s been 3 weeks. WTF


They look cool but they got dirty quick

Best ever

I fish a lot and love the way they feel and grip my rods.

Troy E. (Cincinnati, OH, US)

Clearance Colors Stubby

Steven S. (Aurora, MO, US)
Stubby gloves

I used a pair last summer like very much

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