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Fish monkey shakes hands with pro angler Brian Brosdahl

Fish monkey shakes hands with pro angler Brian Brosdahl

Destin, FL (October 16, 2018) – You might say Brian “Bro” Brosdahl’s had a hand in the design of modern day apparel for ice fishing — gloves, mitts and other outerwear that keep you fishing comfortably through the toughest elements imaginable. But even in the Ice Belt, a warm sun shines for at least half the year. “In my work, a pair of fishing gloves have become standard equipment,” says the legendary guide and tournament angler. “Rain, sun, snow, ice, wind — doesn’t matter. The beauty of Fish Monkey is they have a glove to match every situation on the water.”

Brosdahl, who recently shook hands on a promotional deal with Fish Monkey’s Tim Mossberg, says he chose to represent the rising-star apparel company on reputation as well as highly favorable field experiences with their fishing gloves.

“I was hearing lots of good things about Fish Monkey gloves from fellow guides, tournament anglers and other industry friends I trust. The first pair of Guide Gloves I put on my hands told me they were already the best-fitting, most comfortable and functional fishing gloves I’d ever worn—among at least five or six other brands I’ve tried over the years.

“What I particularly appreciate about Tim and Fish Monkey is their passion to push the envelope in glove design, and their desire to lead the industry in fishing gloves. Truthfully, with nearly twenty different situation- and condition-specific models available, I’d say Fish Monkey already owns the category.”

Fish Monkey president Tim Mossberg says hiring Brosdahl will help expand his company’s message and reach into Midwestern and Northern markets. “Bro is a rare individual in fishing,” says Mossberg. “Not only is he able to provide us with valuable product-design intel from his vast field experience, but Bro is also one of the most diligent and personable promoters in the game. The ‘Bro Road Show’ spans all across the northern ice fishing belt, with twenty to thirty stops at key retail stores, including Scheels, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Fleet Farm and top independents. Bro’s retail presence and magnetic personality will certainly help our ongoing efforts toward distribution growth.”

Mossberg also notes that Brosdahl will serve as a primary confidant as Fish Monkey augments its line of winter and ice fishing apparel. “Bro has been on the leading edge of winter glove development since day one. His knowledge and experience in helping design new patterns will result in the warmest, most functional gloves on ice. Everyday anglers are our customers; they’re the primary beneficiaries of each new glove design.”

“In summer, Fish Monkey gloves protect my hands from harmful UV rays and other elements,” adds Brosdahl. They improve my grip on the fishing rod, and actually enhance my performance on the water. During the winter, hand protection is equally important, but you can’t sacrifice dexterity or fishing performance. I think ice anglers and wintertime outdoor enthusiasts will be impressed with some of the new Fish Monkey designs we’re developing.”

The new leader in intelligently designed fishing gloves, Fish Monkey features the single most comprehensive line of condition- and situation-specific angling gloves available. Among its nineteen diverse glove styles, Fish Monkey offers seven distinct models that beat back cold-weather so you can concentrate on getting the job done.

New for fall and winter, Fish Monkey has unveiled its Tundra EX Series (MSRP .95) — a totally waterproof, premium insulated full finger fishing glove. Fish Monkey’s “Cold Busting Technology” wraps your hands in total warmth, dryness and comfort, while you focus on the task at hand and take your winter fishing to the next level.

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